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The listener does not have to stay static and be set only once. The GPSTester tool allows you to easily experiment with different configurations.

Here are some use case examples: real-time location.

So, this post focuses on working with real-time locations.

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We have an important announcement for you in the begging of the 2014! First, let us recall what the perfect opportunity gave us Google when proposed a universal thing like Google Latitude.

It tracked your location and helped to stay connected with your close friends.

and Windows Phone is not the one which is supported.

We’ve been waiting for Google to come up with new API, were looking for an alternative solutions but nothing happened. Realizing that we won’t get any good news about Google Latitude for Windows Phone, we decided to make our own Simple Latitude service and we did it!

By the way, now the history can be viewed directly from the application. And only your feedback could make it even better while we planning new features like: – Account based authentication (using username and password) – Friends and Social Network (you can connect with your friends and see them on the map) – Friends alerts if any of your friends is nearby Want more?

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