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Like this movie, Beyonce's performance is overblown and lacks any character or soul.

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That's because Willie Dixon was the pioneer- Leonard Chess was the man stuck in the past.

One example of the film's dreadful portrayal of the individuals is the fictional scene where Muddy Waters meets Leonard Chess (ignoring their prior recording work at Aristocrat records).

But this is even worse- honestly it was bad enough that the stories were fictional, but they are also just an insult to the people (for some strange reason(!

) though all except the white studio owner that is, who was a hopeless romantic, who was also apparently the pioneer of the Chicago blues..things to all men.

For example, for what it is the Temptations biopic is enjoyable- yes there are discrepancies and some things that should have been more central to the story, but it did a good impression of the music and the stories behind them.

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