Flaws in evolutionary dating

Some of these rays go several hundred feet underground and 1400 meters [1530 yards] into the ocean depths.The blanket of air covering our world is equivalent to 34 feet [104 dm] of water, or 1 meter [1.093 yd] thickness of lead.This may involve long decay chains, with each daughter product decaying into other daughter substances, until finally only an inert element remains that has no radioactivity.

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Radioactive minerals would be partially through their cycle of half-lives on the very first day.

This factor of initial apparent age would strongly affect our present reading of the radioactive clocks in uranium, thorium, etc.

But in actual field conditions, there is no such thing as a closed system. It is impossible to know what was initially in a given piece of radioactive mineral.

One piece of rock cannot for millions of years be sealed off from other rocks, as well as from water, chemicals, and changing radiations from outer space. A piece of uranium 238 must originally have had no lead or other daughter products in it. Was it all of this particular radioactive substance or were some other indeterminate or final daughter products mixed in? Men can guess; they can apply their assumptions, come up with some dates, announce the consistent ones, and hide the rest, which is exactly what evolutionist scientists do! Yet we have no way of going back into past ages and ascertaining whether that assumption is correct.

Spread before us would be a scene of fully grown plants and flowers. We would not, instead, see a barren landscape of seeds littering the ground.

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