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1/3.) Gabe's property is illegally seized, and there is very little they can do to get the boys back before the holiday weekend.

(Prequel to the other works in this series: In the Back of Your Head & Void and Null.

Everything he does has been to find a cure for his brother, but what happens when the City itself is the disease? But when Mike’s friend Butcher falls for William’s step-brother and it turns out the only way they can get their Disney ending is if they set William up with someone first, Mike finds himself in the completely unexpected position of Bill Beckett’s boyfriend.

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Those don't need to be read for this to make sense, but it's more emotional if you know the rest of the story first.) In which Bill has had enough (he’s just not sure what of), Gabe is really bad at being left behind (and he’s not the only one), and the world’s most random road trip doesn’t involve tiaras (though not for Brendon’s lack of trying).

Mikey Way lives with his brother Gerard in the bustling metropolis of Battery City.

Walking outdoors in worn bunny slippers (Suarez) or in no slippers at all (Vicky-T) was probably not a smart idea. The Naked Lady Incident: Part Two – coming soon to a venue near you.”“I hate you,” she laughed. ”well if you're too busy loving me then I'm too busy loving you.

But they were Cobras; stupidity was almost a prerequisite.“I think I see it,” Suarez said, squinting. That’s All Time Low for you.” The briefs were Jack’s, by the way, and he’d stained them himself one night while he and Victoria and the guys from Hey Monday were watching the nude scene in – though Victoria assumed Suarez didn’t need (nor want) to know that. “The shower beckons.”“Vicky-T, wait –”And she fumbled, falling knees-first to the concrete, scraping her foot against the stone she’d tripped over. Then, quieter, “I love you too.”He winked and squeezed her hand.

It only takes a guy with a green jacket, ugly glasses, and a hat with a little puff on the top to make Pete question his sexuality.

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