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Again, I’ll be letting everyone know how to sign up for the video trainings through my Reiki newsletter, so yes, that’s the best way to stay “tuned in”. ; ) When you sign up for the Reiki newsletter, you also receive a free copy of the five Reiki principles handwritten in calligraphy to print out if you’d like. Usui realized the power of working with ‘ki’ (life force energy) and shaped his newfound knowledge into the beautiful spiritual healing practice we call Reiki. The ways to use what you learn in your Reiki training class or course are virtually endless.

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Afterward, you may feel energized, or completely drained. The Reiki energy is so loving, and so light, that it will bring to the surface that within you that is not of the same frequency so you can heal it and transform that energy into positivie energy. It merely becomes transmuted and changes from one frequency to another.) So, without further ado, we bring to you the Reiki attunement ‘healing process’. The 21 day Reiki attunement ‘Healing Process’ you may go through As the Reiki energy circulates through your body over the next few months, your body will be majorly adjusting.

Just know that whatever you feel is exactly what you’re supposed to be feeling. Many Reiki practitioners have experienced strong emotions and healing during the first 21 days following their attunement. The powerful, wise Reiki energy knows when you are ready to heal.

The Reiki I and Animal Reiki online video course trainings filmed in beautiful Sedona, AZ are now open for enrollment!

Reiki II and the Reiki Master Teacher online video courses are coming soon!

If only everyone was attuned to the powerful Reiki energy.

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