Gretchen rossi dating slade smiley Live video chat lines

Gretchen says it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

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Up to this point, Slade and Gretchen have undergone surgical procedures to help with conceiving a baby.

Gretchen speaks with magazine about their journey so far.

, it seems like Gretchen and her fiance Slade Smiley are moving on with a new venture, and it looks like they got a little help from a furry friend! Guess that's what happens when you hoof it in the 90210. And despite his ring coming first, Gretchen is still over the moon as she admitted: Tags: dating, engaged, engagement, gretchen rossi, orange county, real housewives, real housewives of orange county, slade smiley wedding!

In fact, we think he's going straight for Gretchen's bag! We luv when our fave ladiez walk down the aisle decked out in diamonds.

However, that is exactly what Gretchen Rossi has done with her new song, So true! Gretchen Rossi admits that she and partner Slade Smiley are trying to have a baby, and they couldn't be more excited! Check out the video (above) to hear for yourself this very personal track that Gretchen reveals she recorded while she was "sleeping on Ambien." That's how all the pros do it!

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