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Should know 2 to 12 simple songs, playing them by using single notes. A knowledge of reading tablature is a huge plus, but not necessary.Should be able to tune their instrument by ear or with a tuner, put on the picks if used, know which string is which (first, second, etc) and the names of the strings.

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You may know the basic shuffle bowing (Long short short, LSS) Mandolin and Flatpickers: Should be comfortable using the pick, basic chords, should know 2 to 12 simple instrumental songs, playing them by using single notes. You’re just starting to get a good solid bass sound.

You can hold a somewhat steady rhythm while playing the bass line.

The student level ranges from never had touched an instrument before (be sure to bring one) to being able to strum a few chords but may not really know what to do with them.

No music theory or music reading skills required whatsoever!

You’re learning to damp the strings after hitting them All Instruments: All of the above plus… " Dobro (TM) Players: (....)You feel confident holding the bar, sliding, picking, and trying hammer-ons and pull-offs, even if you still make a lot of mistakes.

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