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They flip through channels until an Insidious 2 ad shows up on TV.

He asks her if she's seen the first one, and she says she's watched it twice, but this one looks even more terrifying. Aria nearly says it's a date, but stops herself, remembering that she doesn't feel like she's ready to start dating. While Aria and Jake are watching TV, her phone beeps, and she seems shocked, too. Aria makes him a hot drink and they talk about what happened with Jenna.

Jake is described as an attractive Martial Arts instructor, who is patient, sensitive and insightful and is one of those guys who is calm and well-mannered which are charming qualities to Aria, so he steals her attention right away. He is also very muscular, as shown by his built body.

He also has brown hair and is significantly taller than Aria.

Initially, Jake made plans to go out to eat with Aria.

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