Issue updating media direct

It gave the same behavior despite being in totally different hardware, though after a few minutes I realized I was booting off the wrong drive and powered it off.

issue updating media direct-7

Well poop, for the heck of it I boot logged my Windows 10 ultrabook and it too has four of the: BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED \System Root\System32\drivers\Lines, one of which in a very similar spot to the problem PC and it takes seconds to boot. The bootlog displays that as the last line, which would lead me to believe that the line after it (on a successful boot) would be the culprit. It's almost as if something loads between those two drivers that isn't being logged. I'm stubborn and am learning a lot about Win10 in the process, so I'll keep hammering away for the sake of education...

When you say a reinstall, do you mean a complete wipe and reinstall from Windows 10 media, or a repair install or image made for the machine.

There was some Windows 7 era boot debug tools but I didn't see a parallel for 10 though I didn't look too hard.

I'd really just want something that logs every service/driver start/stop time to at least pinpoint where its hanging up.

If you did a clean reinstall from Windows 10 media, and you have also swapped the hard drive for an SSD, I'd be suspicious of the hardware.

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