Kandi dating willis mcgahee

If Mc Gahee does not play again, he'll get .5 million minus taxes, Lerner said. Under NFL rules, Mc Gahee, a redshirt sophomore, could not have been drafted until after he was three years beyond graduating from high school.

"We think that's in the best interests of everyone involved, the colleges, the players and the NFL," Aiello said.

"Physically, I think it's the right thing to do," NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw said. Everyone says this [three-year] rule is bad, but this kid could have gotten hurt any step of the way.

He cobbled together an NFL career but never was the star he was projected to be.

"In my mind, I was the same player," said Bratton, a former scout for the Washington Redskins who runs his own business in Miami. There's always that question: What could I have done if I hadn't gotten hurt?

If Josh learns from this show, maybe someday he will try to find love on reality television once again.

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