Lesson plans for dating and relationships funny online dating profile headline

In this exercise, students "speed date" each other to practice role plays calling for "chunks" or phrases used for each situation.

This type of approach to teaching is based on the lexical approach, or the chunks of language we tend to use to speak about certain situations.

Women show their feelings more by ____________ and talking about how they feel.

Men find this hard to do because they need to be ‘____________’ and men don’t cry.

She said guys these days are more likely to have divorced parents "and this might make them more sensitive to the ___________________ relationship” and be more emotionally aware. GAP FILL: In pairs / groups, compare your answers to this exercise. Lead researcher Robin Simon said: "Common wisdom says that women are more hurt (4) ____ problems in a relationship, but we found that the…disadvantages of strain are exaggerated (5) ____ the men." She added: "Men are more sensitive than we often think they are." Simon and her co-researchers discovered that men often put a brave (6) ____ on problems they have with their partner but inside, they feel more emotional pain than women.

The research also showed how (7) ____ men and women dealt with problems.

Students will think about how they feel about dating.

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