Maria sharapova djokovic dating

I think he and Serena would come off better as lovers than he and Maria.

I honestly do not believe that Grigor is straight I think he's gay or bisexual.

Just let them have fun as they are young and these are the best years of their lives. I don't think age difference is a problem, he seems to be very mature for his age.

Well, I'm a big Maria's fan and I'd like to see them in a serious relationship. And finally, I would like to know what happened with Sasha Vujacic... : O other than helpng his tennis career, why would he even be remotely interested in serena.

“But I’ll tell you something funny: I’ve never tried alcohol. But I won’t say more because it’s a work in progress, and if it ever comes out, I want it to be like, !

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