Meta dll updating plugins

v1.8.1.3 ini Start ANY [ 5] L 12/16/2008 - : [META] ini: Finished reading plugins list: /home/gameuser/steam/hldsnsh_l/cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini; Found 6 plugins L 12/16/2008 - : [META] dll: Updating plugins...

I call this dll currently from a simple Win Form, that is setup to with a seperate project to use Shadow Copy so i can overwrite the dlls in my plugin folder.

Instead of using a File Watcher to update this folder, I am exposing a public method that calls refresh on the Directory Catalog, so i can update the assemblies at will instead of automatically.

We are tired of the dead and abandoned bots-united now bots-divided. But, that would normally include a small compliment of bots on Half-Life and TFC servers. v1.8.1.3 ini Start ANY [ 2] Stripper2 RUN - stripper2_mm_i38 v1.00.00 ini ANY Pause [ 4] Fun RUN - fun_amxx_i386v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY [ 5] Engine RUN - engine_amxx_i386 v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY [ 6] Fake Meta RUN - fakemeta_amxx_i3 v1.8.1.3 pl1 ANY ANY 6 plugins, 5 running exit L 07/13/2009 - : [META] ini: Begin re-reading plugins list: /games/hlserver/valve/addons/metamod/L 07/13/2009 - : [META] ini: Read plugin config for: AMX Mod X L 07/13/2009 - : [META] dll: Finished updating 6 plugins; kept 2, loaded 0, unloaded 0, reloaded 0, delayed 0 L 07/13/2009 - : Server shutdown L 07/13/2009 - : Log file closed L 07/13/2009 - : Server shutdown Try to install these packages for your distribution and retry. compat-libstdc -33 compat-libstdc -296 also these if that dont work compat-gcc-34 compat-gcc-34-c That should get things moving. From that I've been able to gather, this issue is seen quite often - when people are trying to compile their own copies of Apache or other open-source software.

if using fedora the Yum command is yum -y install compat-libstdc -33 compat-libstdc -296 yum -y install compat-gcc-34 compat-gcc-34-c Just thought I would update (late, I know). Apparently, the missing command-line option is "-ml", which instructs the compiler to link to the required math library (which contains the "sqrt" function, among other things).

// // Rank mode // 0 - by nick // 1 - by authid // 2 - by ip // // Default value: 1 csstats_rank 1 // Max size of the stats file // // Default value: 3500 csstats_maxsize 3500 // Whether or not to rank bots with csstats - set to 1 to rank bots, 0 otherwise.

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