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Now that you’ve uploaded your first photo, try it again, but this time, to give your photo more reach – add a hashtag.Hashtags have become part of the social media landscape (not just Twitter).Over Thanksgiving 2012 10 million Thanksgiving-themed photos were shared at a rate of 200 photos per second, according to Instagram’s own blog.

Now that you have a few photos on your Instagram page, find and follow compatible users.

Instagram has a built in tool to help you find people which works particularly well with Facebook. This time, use them to find people that are discussing/sharing photos relevant to your business.

For your profile name, choose an account name that’s the same as the Twitter handle of your business.

At the start of your Instagram journey, no-one will be talking to or following you.

Boosting their reach, and improving the likelihood that you’ll get people responding to them.

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