Ochocinco dating reality show girls

Twice on the show, Chad has had to make the decision between Brittany and another girl and instead kept both Brittany and the other girl. She gave Chad a strip tease recently, and that’s a positive. Just get into the damn car in your stripper clothes! Outside of any physical connection – I don’t see this being a match for Chad. Anyway, Tiphani is long and lean and has shown that she can get along with Ochocinco both physically and mentally.

The first time he did that was when she was matched up against Tiphani (up next) and Chad broke his own game show rules doing so. Having a lady in your life who likes to give strip teases and has the body of a lady you would normally have to pay to give you those strip teases is a positive. Also, Tiphani is one of the very few on the TV show who doesn’t have a job solely based around her appearance.

I tend to doubt it will take all that much if none of that extracurricular stuff was around like a sound crew and a cameraman. It’s been awhile.” And Chad’s like “What the fuck!?! I know he’s the best running back in the league, but DAMN the dude looks like Lil’ Wayne on steroids! She is younger than Chad, but not a decade younger like Brittany.

And the more I love this beautiful sport and the organization for it, the more I have to love everyone who participates in it.

And this player I’m thinking of in particular is actually on the rival team of my team. He is funny, charismatic, great with his fans, and, what matter’s most, a great football player.

Have you ever picked up a new activity and you weren’t that prepared for it and the next thing you know it gets real serious and encompasses your life and now you are in conflict because wasn’t this all supposed to be a fun new hobby?

Well, I think that is exactly what this television show is for Ochocinco.

Brittany also comes across as genuine when she’s on the show. I mean that was something my friends and I did when we were like sophomores in college for ish and giggs, but after college that is more than friends territory. But Chad was worried because Tiphani was drunk when she did that (aren’t they all? Tiphani took half a dozen shots of tequila at dinner and the bed activity was post dinner.

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