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Wilmington College offers undergraduate major programs in a number of academic and career areas including art, English literature, biology, chemistry, history, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, Spanish language and literature, and religion, as well as in such areas as education, business, communications, agriculture, equine studies, athletic training, social work, and more.The college also offers a master's degree program in education, with specialties in special education and reading and undergraduate courses at several sites in Cincinnati.

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Vermilion, Ohio is the crowning jewel of the south shore of Lake Erie.

The Wilmington College Peace Resource Center, established in 1975, plays a major role in furthering the peacemaking and reconciliation elements in the mission statement of the college, in large part through providing peace education materials, both locally and throughout the country.

The PRC is known, in particular, for its Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Collection founded on the archives of Barbara Leonard Reynolds, which the college believes is "the world's largest collection (outside of Japan) of reference materials related to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Reynolds' archives are also housed in part at the Earle and Akie Reynolds Archive at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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