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- Even if you get on very well seeing each once a week, would the relationship change or be much different if one of you were prepared to make the move and live together?If you are unable to answer any of the above points then maybe ever considering to meet someone who lives some distance away not to be such a good idea, and looking closer for a suitable partner will be a better decision.

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Maybe you text regularly too and are always excited to hear from them and always want to know what they are up to and want to make small talk, but what about distance?? Ensure before meeting you make good use of the telephone, as in my last article, use the phone as much as possible and get to know more about a person.

What if the person you really like the sound of isnt local and are some considerable miles away? So you really like this person, you always get excited to hear from them and you think it is worth persuing.

So you meet this person for the first time, and you like them more in person.

Have you really considered everything before meeting? Here are many points you should consider before getting involved with someone where there is considerable distance between you.

I’m offering the following long distance dating tips and advice to try to make the whole situation easier for both of you.

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