Online dating at smooch comtm

Obviously its the smooch ":team" posing as general reviewers.well guess what that backfired for those ding dongs because now i dont trust them at all for snake moves like that.I couldn't believe my eyes so a huge kiss was on the cards!

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One of the longer running free dating sites, Smooch is relatively popular with regular new members.

Whilst does let you perform all the normal dating functions for free, they do charge for optional 'premium' services such as an advertising free experience, VIP search standing and other extras.

NEVER use this site i was there for a while met someone i like started dating i deleted my account months ago but turns out im still on there can't log in and says they dont have my email details theyre supposed to help relationship but all they do is $#*! I told them to delete my profile and it too ages for them to do has i asked.

I was on smooch for a few months they keep changing the rules they charge you for credits for silly things like to see who thinks you are smoochable but if you don't use the credits that you paid for in two or three weeks they just take them back without giving you a refund they are constantly altering what you say without warning they just delete words or numbers addresses or anything they fancy also they will just ban people if they don't like what you write about yourself in my opinion they are just out to make money on advertising (it is just a big scam) This is a dating site i would recommend.

I came to realize one thing, This Site if FULL of fake accounts. Had a date with this guy he was late, didn't give to much away about him self and didn't ask me about my self all he was intrested in was my chest,getting me into bed which he didn't and wanted me to send him a rude pic! I wonder how much the litigation will cost them ,??

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