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But here's a surprise: Even if you are not exactly into online dating, you are going to be glad to have read the following, anyway. Obviously, having the most flattering pictures of yourself possible always helps, that's a no brainer.

But here is something that maybe you haven't considered.

The first is to stand in the dark and let a flashbulb wash you out, thereby highlighting all of your flaws—even the ones that are practically invisible under every other circumstance.

The second is to go outside on a sunny day and squint into the camera.

The smartest guys online know this is true which is why they put on their Sunday Best (yes, even a suit) instead of fooling themselves into thinking that a wife beater or T-shirt and bed-head look is going to attract any high-quality women whatsoever. Some of what you have just read may seem refreshingly original. But no doubt, you have probably noticed that there is also been a lot of good sense involved.

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