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That all being said, I have been through the Test Max Nutrition System course material, and have read several other books and articles about testosterone and men’s health.

And at this point, it seems pretty clear to me that this is something that every guy over 40 should be concerned with, if you value your health, fitness, sex-life and overall happiness.

For each phase you get a full set of meal plans and recipes, as well as videos showing you how to prepare specific meals.

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This part was exciting for me because I find that I spend way too much time cooking for myself when I have other important things to do.

I already had been cooking some stuff ahead of time to keep on hand, but this has helped me to take it too the next level and is a really great time-saver.

I know a lot of guys who eat terribly, and use the “I’m too busy” thing as an excuse – but with this there really is no excuse.

In addition the the full catalog of hormone support recipes and time saving preparation training you also get training on how to manage your foods shopping budget that can potentially save you some big bucks.

The is a staggering amount of research that indicates the testosterone plays in not only in fat loss and body fat distribution, but also in your ability to build and maintain muscle mass, your confidence, mood, and even your sex drive and sexual performance abilities!

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