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Writing in his column in Waitrose Weekend magazine, he said: ‘So I am beginning this sentence with a word that is so irritating when it’s used at the start of a sentence that I would understand if you were to rip out this column, screw it into a tight ball and hurl it at the radio the next time you hear my voice coming from it.

He blamed the rise of ‘so’ on bumbling academics who use it ‘perhaps to buy a bit of time when they’re not quite sure how to answer the question’.

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It’s not being used as a conjunction to join things up, which is how it should be used.

I think someone started doing it and then other people have begun slavishly copying it, it becomes fashionable.

So you’ve been dating someone you can barely stand for over 3 years, and before you know it, you’ve wasted away some of the best years of your life being attached to someone you don’t even like.

I need to have a mirror in front of my face so that I can see what I look like at all times.

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