Randy orton dating aj lee

During this time, Bryan and Kane would win the turn face, even going so far as to hug each other in response to "Hug it out! After losing the titles at Extreme Rules 2013 to The Shield, the two split up.

The night after Money in the Bank, Cena chose Bryan to be the number one contender to his WWE Championship due to his popularity and his work ethic, with Triple H making himself the special guest referee.

While he originally promised fans he would cash in at Wrestle Mania 28, he ended up cashing it in at Tables, Ladders and Chairs on a prone Big Show, breaking his promise.

He would turn heel over the months by developing a smug personality and endangering his girlfriend AJ Lee to gain leverage over his opponents. " repeatedly on his way to the ring, and after victories.

Bryan was then sidetracked by the new faction known as the Wyatt Family.

Their leader known as Bray Wyatt wanted Bryan to join their fold, claiming that no matter how hard he worked and no matter how much the fans loved him, Triple H would never let him win, and that together they could destroy the machine.

In a moment of lucidity, Bryan admitted to AJ he was wrong for the way he had treated her, and proposed to her.

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