Reasons for backdating jsa updating the rba index of commodity prices

During 2011 the Jobseeker's Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise) Regulations were brought into force.One part of the scheme required the long-term unemployed to participate in unpaid work activity for a maximum of six-months.

In February 1922 a means test was introduced which excluded some, such as single adults who lived with relatives, from receiving benefit payments.

After the Second World War, the National Assistance Act 1948 was passed, allowing anyone of working age on a low income to apply for support.

The Department for Work and Pensions denied targeting vulnerable people.

Whether claimants are paid therefore depends on whether they uphold the contract they have agreed to – from a political theory known as Welfare Contractualism, first expressed in the 1998 paper New Ambitions for our Country: A New Contract for Welfare In certain cases, a claimant's Jobseeker's Allowance may be stopped.

The maximum amount payable was seven shillings a week.

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