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There's something missing from Lucy's (SANDRA BULLOCK) life.

Although she has an apartment, a cat, and a few friends from her job at the Chicago Transit Authority token booth, she doesn't have a family of her own and always spends holidays working.

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"He thinks he's in love and starts following her through the streets.

But before he gets up his nerve to speak to her, she is hit by a newspaper truck and falls into a coma." "While we were pitching the idea," continues Dan Sullivan, "we were told that the opening seemed too predatory, having a man stalk a woman.

Lebow introduced Sullivan to executive producer Arthur Sarkissian who took an active and encouraging role in their careers.

"Both Fred and Dan are very good souls," says Sarkissian, "They're very straight forward and very family oriented.

We knew that she was ready for a lead role in a romantic comedy." "Sandra is phenomenal," adds Turteltaub.

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