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A 25-year-old Ohio woman has been sentenced to nearly 20 year in prison in Nevada on fraud charges stemming from an investigation that began when she falsely claimed to be a decorated military veteran.

(775) 328-2847 The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division frequently reviews cases of previously unsolved homicides committed within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office.

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Victim: Jane Doe Location: Hoge Road, Reno Date of Occurrence: June 9, 1997 Synopsis: On June 9, 1997 chiildren playing near Hoge Road, North of Reno, Nevada, discovered the decomposed remains of a white female. She also had an Elgin watch, a white metal necklace with metal whistle attached, yellow and copper bracelet, dream catcher earring, black bolo tie with arrowhead stone, white metal ring with heart shape and white metal ring with red stone.

The victim had a metal plate in her jaw, from a surgical intervention.

This may have caused her face to appear asymetrical on the right side.

This agency is actively seeking anyone who may have knowledge about this case.

Tammy had lived with her boyfriend at 306 East Fourth Street in Reno.

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