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Jesus is now out of the realm of sin- as Hebrews 7 tells us, He can never be defiled, or conquered by the dominion of sin, he has won the victory and passed over out of that realm.But the point is that when Jesus died to sin, so did we, in Him.Vintage Values runs from 4 to 24 November at the Museum.

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It seems absurd to have to state that sin and death have no more dominion over the resurrected Lord of Life!

But Paul makes the point because it is in Jesus’ capacity as the last Adam, the representative of us all who believe, that Jesus died to the realm of sin and death, and we died to it in him.

What is the essence of Righteousness but Faith and Love towards God.

If we Love God and our neighbor, will we not fulfill all of the law?

In this sense “He that has died is free from sin”, we have died and sin no longer has the absolute dominion over us, that it once did when we were “in Adam”!

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