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This is a great opportunity for the biggest advocates of the product to get to know each other and, if the timing is right, for the entrepreneur to ask some or all of them to advise the company in a more formal fashion. The VCs got easy access to credible customers in one shot.The customers got a great meal and felt like micro-celebrities with VCs lined up to ask them questions.And it was a competitive early stage financing with lots of VCs interested. Since I sat down with multiple customers simultaneously, most of the questions were a discussion instead of a 1:1 conversation.

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What are the best ways to meet singles in your city? Join many different singles groups and social networking meetups.

First: Meet young single professionals at fundraisers, singles charity and civic organizations.

Now you’re asking them to spend their time on your behalf.

This is potentially frustrating for the customers, risky for the startup founder, and a non-negotiable requirement from the VCs.

A portion of each ticket sold will go to your group.

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