Speed dating near akron ohio

Her personal ad would simply read: "Wanted: A gentleman who isn't afraid to try something new. "People don't pay much attention to our age group except for medical and financial reasons," she said. She suggested the newspaper have an advice column for lovelorn seniors.

She lives in a condo development with mostly women. Age 65 to whatever." She prefers a man 68 or older. She had a few dates, but mostly it was a disappointment.

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At the end of the evening, if there was a match, phone numbers would be exchanged. Her mom, Judy Flannery, has been alone for four years.

Kelly's aunt, who is 70, has been a widow for seven years.

Both women are confident, sophisticated, good-looking and active. The eight women who showed up had a delightful time, eating dinner and swapping stories.

They're tired of being sidekicks to their married friends.

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