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Acheulian stone tools were discovered there in 1931 by Louis Leakey, after he had correctly identified the rocks brought back by Hans Reck to Germany from his 1913 Olduvai expedition as stone tools.

The same year, Louis Leakey found older, more primitive stone tools in Olduvai Gorge.

These were the first examples of the oldest human technology ever discovered in Africa, and were subsequently known throughout the world as Oldowan after Olduvai Gorge.

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Archaeologists have not yet succeeded in identifying the location of Rhapta, though many believe it lies deeply buried in the silt of the delta of the Rufiji River.

A long documentary silence follows these ancient texts, and it is not until Arab geographical treatises were written about the coast that our information resumes.

It served as a military outpost during World War II, providing financial help, munitions, and soldiers.

In 1947, Tanganyika became a United Nations Trust Territory under British administration, a status it kept until its independence in 1961.

He focused on the island and developed trade routes that stretched as far as Lake Tanganyika and Central Africa.

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