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'This person who decided to record instead of calling someone is ridiculous. I understand the problem as well as the next junkie... If it makes just one kid not pick up a needle it's worth it,' Carol Balla wrote.

but have some decency and put the camera away,' Lisa Gollobith added.'I lost my nephew and brother in law and a lot of friends from heroin and all three of my kids are heroin addicts. Addiction to opioids such as heroin, morphine, fentanyl and codeine in the US has reached the proportions of a full-blown epidemic in recent years, with states like Ohio reporting a dramatic spike in drug-related deaths.

His rules work for all of life.” Our comprehensive, customized and effective training techniques were developed by founder-president George Merlis and are informed by his career in senior positions at network broadcast and major market print media outlets.

Formerly the day city editor of the nation’s largest afternoon newspaper and executive producer of Good Morning America, the CBS Morning News and Entertainment Tonight, Merlis conducts all our workshops. An effective presentation is a blend of agenda, materials and techniques; in other words, a performance.

Kirkendall (right) was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia'Why would anyone record this?

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