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The moment Piu, 15, a student of Modern High School in Kolkata, started dating a year ago, she announced it to the world by changing her "relationship status" from "single to engaged" ("I loved the attention I got".) Her friend, Mou, recalls the only time her parents banned Facebook: "I changed my relationship status to 'widowed' when I broke up with my boyfriend.Some people reported to my parents and there was a huge drama at home."The year was 2004, when a sex clip, passed around by a bragging schoolboy to his friends, made its way to video disc-sellers in Delhi.And every teen is aware of the subterranean war of attitude and outlook that rages on the social networking website.

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To Delhibased counsellor Gitanjali Kapoor, it's a cultural moment: "Constant exposure of different types of media is enhancing their inquisitiveness, encouraging them to question and stretch their boundaries."Not that the teens care. But to Taki, 19, a Delhi girl (who prefers to be known by her nickname like the rest of her peer group in this story), that's a gross underassessment: "Over 75 per cent of my classmates are not virgins".

Some of them are into serious romance, some are "just FWBs" ("Friends With Benefits. just a convenience thing".) Some boys carry condoms in their pockets because they don't know when "they might get lucky".

A survey released by one of Bollywood's biggest hits last year, Udaan-all about a 17-year-old boy, who gets expelled from boarding school for sneaking out to watch a semi-porn film-shows: one in five teens watches porn before age 13; every second teen necks and kisses, 15 per cent in the school loo; one out of five claims to have had sex; 90 per cent believe in premarital sex, with 45 per cent of girls opting for clandestine abortions. Hookah bars are all the rage.i PAD TEENS: The latest crave.

COOL RULESObjects of desire for the teen jet-setter PING ME: No longer a corporate toy, Black Berry now makes or breaks teen happiness (and dad's bank account) with free BBM messages. So every teenager craves, Supra, the seriously cool sneaker with ankle support. Cell phone, laptop, i Pod, PSP, Kindle, DVD player-Apple i Pad combines it all.

Over 45 per cent drink alcohol five times a month and 14 per cent use tobacco. Private bartenders now mix up drinks and provide finger foods at birthday parties.

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