Teen lesbian dating websites

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My name is Victoria, I'm 18, and I'm from Melbourne~!

I am a pretty open person just ask and I will tell. I'm originally from the US, and still have the accent after almost 4 years in England.

my second favorite thing to do is cuddle in bed all day … Firstly, yes the photos are all me, they were taken by a friend of mine for her portfolio (I wish I looked that way all the time) lol.

Second I have just started studying full time for my dual degree, so I'm working toward 2 bachelor degree's in Business and Psychology. [contactable on victoria-andahalf.which is a tumblr I made specifically for this, as I don't especially want to give this website money] Hello!

I love anything outdoors and I'm definitely a nature person. I'm currently trying to make my portfolio better and trying to get an internship.

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