Teenage dating around the world

But gently, not like, 'I can't stand you anymore and you always smell like beef jerky so we're breaking up.' However, don't show up weirdly happy and overly nice, either, like you're secretly a serial killer." -- , but the beautiful Emma Watson.There is something very attractive about a woman who stands up for herself and others while having the knowledge to state a case in front of the United Nations to further gender equality. I could listen to her speak all day." -- "Evan Peters.

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you ask if the person is down for 'Netflix and chill.' The understanding here that both people know what's up.

You're gonna go to someone's house and have sex real casually." -- "People are out here calling each other 'bae' after, like, one time hanging out.

I don't want to end up like the 30-something adult who's given up on dating, only to have their friends constantly tell them to 'get out there more' and to keep setting them up with blind dates that end with you finding out he lives with his mom and wears a toupee." -- "I'm pretty confident I'll get married but I don't know when.

I'd assume my mid-20s, but would only want to get married to the right person when the time was right.

I want to spend a good chunk of my 20s finishing school and getting on my feet before thinking about settling down. You can't really plan when you'll meet your soulmate.

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