Terran peizer dating

When you come back, it will be to the Mars shipyard.Ichiyama and Pearle have extracted the necessary information from the Split; The guy in charge is a Terran named Martin Winters.

He dates from before the original Terraformer War, and it is presumed that he cryogenically froze himself during the intervening centuries.

He seems to be based in a former Terran colony lost during the war; Aldrin. If you like, you can transfer to it, it's a good ship for killing bigger prey, though struggles with smaller fighters. You'd better start getting used to the distances involved in this humongous Sector; the factory is more than 100km away, and the Rock messes with autopilots. When you get there, a Springblossom will undock and head for the fleet.

In a game facing Reapers your Lair will be later than normal, and this is fine since you have to remember that the Terran can’t possibly be doing a 8 minute Marine/Marauder/Hellbat timing if he is going Reaper to open his build.

You also have to remember that the Terran's first expansion is going to be a bit later then normal as well.

The Reaper opening does a great job at delaying Creep spread and your droning, all the while the Terran keeping his SCV production up while expanding and teching.

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