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Heather Moore walked past a New York City bar last October and zeroed in on a cute guy standing on the sidewalk sending a text message. Dating is just not what it used to be, Moore says, and cell-phone-toting women across the country agree.In a moment of alcohol-induced bravado, she sauntered up to him. The written word has a worthy place in a budding romance, but not on a cell phone screen, they say.

But when text messaging becomes the main form of relationship communication, it’s time to stop punching the keypad and put in some face-to-face time instead.

Both long-time couples and romantic hopefuls are increasingly text messaging their love interests, according to a survey released in February by Cingular Wireless.

“When it comes to intimate relationships, communication is proven in more than just words,” Plante said.

“It’s the emotional, nonverbal communication that’s important. That’s the elusive nature of the text.” And just days ago he sent her another text about grabbing some drinks. But this time, she says, she only wants to be friends.

Among 1,006 wireless users surveyed, 33 percent said they used text messaging to communicate with their date or mate, an increase of 6 percentage points from last year.

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