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It does sound as if daycare patients will receive a worse service.

I personally agree that good quality palliative care should be open to all terminally ill patients and not just those with cancer.

Nottingham City Council is currently run by a councillor from the ruling party called the Leader (currently Jon Collins), who makes decisions with a Cabinet of councillors, also from the ruling group (currently the Labour Party).

Officers at the city council have said the plans do not fit in with the masterplan of the area, which states there should be office blocks with retail units across the site off London Road – not just one big supermarket.” I understand people’s concerns about Tesco driving out locally distinctive shops, but in this case I think they are wrong.

The site Tesco have applied to build on is a site called “the island” much of which has been empty for many years.

In practice there has only been piecemeal development of this island site with a large amount of land still undeveloped.

As I understand, the vacant land is still held in lease by Nottingham City Council and Eastside.

If they were unable to achieve the desired property development and regeneration during one of the country’s economic booms, then I doubt that this will be achieved during the current recession. dltype=inline&filename=20368/I have been reading about the proposed closure of Hayward House which provides daycare and inpatient services for people with cancer.

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