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So, as a tip, if you are full, I recommend you leave a little food on your dish to avoid being offered more.

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If you want a no-hassle, stress-free vacation, choose this package that has the atmosphere and activities you want and know all your costs up front. Allow us to assist you and make your first date unforgettable and prepare these special things for you of your choice: Ua Dreams provides arrangement assistance and an interpreter from the lady's branch for the members who come to Ukraine on business or personal reasons and wish to meet with the lady.

One payment covers it all - lodging, meals, activities, daily transportation, activities and more. The first meeting is scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour and takes place in the lady's hometown, at the lady's branch.

Match your interests — visit your beloved woman and see Ukraine. Upon mutual agreement, together with an interpreter, the meeting may move to another place: restaurant, cafe or public place.

Introduction service costs $100 and it includes 1 hour of translation service and 3 roses FREE in order to make your first date as romantic as possible. It takes minimum 3 days for its preparation as we need to make all necessary arrangements for your future meeting with the lady.

Silver Package - we work with you to create a trip to fit your plans and budget, including lodging,transfers, translation service, sightseeing and more. For example you can buy flowers, candies, order luxury limo or special romantic candle.

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