Updating a motherboard france interracial dating

In the minimal DOS environment, you’d run the appropriate command — often something like BIOS3245— and the tool would flash the new version of the BIOS.

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On Windows 7, you can search the Start menu for System Information to find it.

On Windows 8, it’s more hidden — but you can still launch the System Information panel on Windows 8.

Flashing your BIOS from within Windows can result in more problems.

All that software running in the background — including security programs that may interfere with writing to the computer’s BIOS — could cause the process to fail and corrupt your BIOS.

You generally access the BIOS screen by pressing the appropriate key while your computer boots — it’s often displayed on the screen during the boot process and will be noted in your motherboard or PC’s manual. The process for entering a UEFI setup screen on a Windows 8 PC is a bit different.

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