Updating eclipse

The Eclipse ADT plugin is no longer supported per our announcement.Android Studio is now the official IDE for Android, so you should migrate your projects to Android Studio as soon as possible.

updating eclipse-80updating eclipse-52

Last 7-days I-builds are retained along with every weeks Monday's I-builds till milestone is available; they will be removed once a milestone is available.

To be explicit, only about four integration builds are left in the composite I-build repository, even though the simple repositories are typically retained until the milestone is available.

You can then reference the library project from other Android projects and, at build time, the tools compile the shared code and resources as part of the dependent applications.

More information about this feature is available in the Creating and Managing Projects document.

If you install ADT 0.9.5, which is highly recommended, you should use the Android SDK Manager to download the latest SDK Tools into your SDK. This version of ADT requires features provided in SDK Tools r3 or higher.

Last modified 29-May-2015 01:00