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Click on the button below to nominate Game Shark Version 4.0 [U] (Unl) for Retro Game of the Day. ========================================== FINAL FANTASY VII GAMESHARK/PAR CODES V1.2 ========================================== -------------- Revision Notes -------------- V1.2 - Dated 14-09-97 Added all character's limit breaks codes. Please DO backup your game prior to using any of these codes and do not blame me if there is anything wrong with the codes.A: Normally, you are swapping while the disc is spinning. To merge your firmware files for flashing make a new text document and rename the extension from to and put this code into the text file: Step 5: Flash your firmware using the command line tool 'AR3FLASH. Note: You must boot the CD with the Game Shark plugged in, but disabled! Mod chip users: Hold the button in on the side of the Game Shark while turning on the system with the burnt cd in. No mod chip [easiest way for me]: Insert retail psx cd and turn on the system, go to v-mem and then press select to enter the bios. Memcard Rex v1.3 Note: You need a 384 Kb ROM to import a Memory Card to, see steps above... If you do use v3.2, without the "stop" version it tends not to run swapped discs.

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Were you so eager to fight bosses but too lazy to look around to find their whereabouts? Hopelessly looking for that rare Pixelmon but no clue?

If you are that lazy or that was just not your day to looking around finding things, then Gameshark for Pixelmon Mod will be the one you are looking for.

So, what does this mod do making it a great and desirable one like above-mentioned? Press , and you can enter a Pixelmon’s name to search for! For Minecraft 1.9.4: updating For Minecraft 1.9: updating…

It simply points out to the player very clearly the location of legendaries, shinies and bosses, as well as coordinates and biome, as shown here: More than one boss or shiny around you? The mod does not add any new mob and items, it just a supporting mod for the Pixelmon Mod so it is required to have Pixelmon Mod preinstalled.

Where CE60 is the 1st position and D17C is the last location, which is position 200.

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