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Available for 9 (in black or white), the Sony Mylo Communicator 2 has a new look and more features, including a camera, widgets, direct downloads/uploads, and AIM and You Tube support, but is it all enough to lure the young'uns? Sure, there may be a small audience that will be lured by the handheld but its downfall is the lack of cellular technology.

We understand that Sony isn't trying to go after the cell phone market with the Mylo COM2 and that it's aimed at 14- to 22-year olds.

Sony does package the handheld with a soft carrying case, so you can always throw it in there and put it in your bag.

On top of the unit, you will find a proprietary headset jack, a power connector, a mini USB port, and the camera activation button.

Finally, the camera lens, self-portrait mirror, and reset button are on the back.

ony mylo personal communicator, which the name mylo means “My Life Online”, is a handheld mobile communication gadget that combined features and ability to instant messaging with Yahoo!

Messenger, Skype and Google Talk, and other internet-based communications such as web browsing using Opera, wireless phone, digital media player that allows playback and sharing of media files of audio, photos and videos.

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