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Under Section 3109.09, a parent (or legal guardian) can be liable for up to $10,000, plus reimbursement of the claimant's cost of taking the matter to court, if a minor in the parent's custody willfully damages property belonging to another. One side note: The $10,000 limit on compensatory damages does not apply to certain acts that constitute vandalism, desecration, or ethnic intimidation (more on those later).

If a court enters judgment in favor of a school, under Section 3109.09, and the parent and school agree, the court may order the parent to perform community service in lieu of making full payment on the judgment.

Laws may be enacted through the initiative process.

Legislation is enacted by the Ohio General Assembly, published in the Laws of Ohio, and codified in the Ohio Revised Code.

If a minor child commits an act of negligence, or willful or wanton misconduct, while driving a motor vehicle, the adult who signed the minor's application will be financially responsible for the resulting damage.

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