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I'm pretty sure I am bipolar because I've had sort of manic states even without medication, so it worries me a lot 'cause it means this mood crap is with me for the rest of my life not that I don't have really crappy reoccuring depressions since childhood, but I'd prefer to pretend they'll eventually stop. I looked it up later and found out it was taken off the market not because of it being ineffective, but because it often led to liver toxicity. Patient with chronic pain experiencing depression, depression can develop sleep problems.Although I'm not sure there are genuine differences between the various SSRIs/SNRIs on how often they really cause switches - tho for a given person there probably are.

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I've tried Prozac, it was way too stimulating, stayed depressed, but when kind of "manic" too, scary stuff. I don't think Zoloft is proper either and can't imagine a higher dose (i'm only on 50mg, but even at 25 mg I was reacting oddly)... Also, I fear I might require a mood stabilizer because of the "mania", but I don't want one that makes me fat, lazy, stupid (not that I'm not already lazy and stupid, but I mean more lazy and stupid) and physically ill, any suggestions? My psychiatrist prescribed it for depression with anxiety.

then it settled down, but my sleep wasn't exactly proper and now I'm depressed as hell again and have been like this and getting worse for several weeks now...

But this is definitely a question for a psychiatrist - if they're not good at knowing which AD's are activating and which are sedating, they shouldn't be prescribing. Also, to figure out what to do, the doc needs to figure out whether your "mania" is really a bipolar switch - and if so, what kind - vs. Those are tricky distinctions and it's really a question for a good psychiatrist.

Here, btw is what a quick google search found on ads.

A lot of the sedating ones they mention are tricyclics. On the other hand, if you're healthy and not at risk of od'ing then maybe they'd be right for you.

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