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" Jane asked, with a small shriek."About Monique and everything," he said, seemingly unaware of her astonishment. She could understand how he might have reached that conclusion, but its relation to his cleaning his room was still confusing to her.Before she had time to aim a helpless look at Jane, though, Trent went on."Just like the rest of my life. Lazing around all day, getting a gig or two a month, pretending to rehearse songs that have barely any work on them…

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"The words were out of Daria's mouth before she could think them through."Excuse me? "The word structure is forbidden in the Lane household, and just in case, the words direction and purpose are pending future examination. "The phrase took two long seconds to register its full meaning in Daria's brain, but when it did, it sent a red signal of chaos to her body. She shook her head and headed out.[o][o][o]Trent's room looked like anything except his room.

Besides," she added, in a more serious tone, "if I know my brother, and almost seventeen years of living next door to him say I might have a good shot at it, he's just overreacting to whatever it is I made him think of; it'll be a few days of trying the way of the organized, and then back to his regular unschedule-ness.""Then why are you worried? "I don't know, I guess I don't want him to suffer."Daria gave her a look of suspicion. Her knees actually felt weaker for an instant before she collected herself and managed a decent reply."Why? The bed was made, there were no clothes lying around, or shoes, or fruit skins, or anything organic decomposing slowly in a corner. But there was something eerie, something unsettling about seeing a space so chaotic before turning into the orderly, inhabitable space she was looking at."Trent, you do realize you're gonna have to clean it over and over again, right? "As odd as this might sound, I have cleaned my room before, but I really can't remember when. The honest answer would have been 'of course I like it, you silly, now shut up and kiss me', but Daria did not feel equal to express such feelings at the moment.

It was imperative to reach her room unscathed, undetected, unquestioned."Daria? Her mother smiled to her, her train of thought seemingly lost."So, the Lanes left? Daria saw through her attempt as easily as through the hole where a glass panel would be placed if a window was to be added to a wall."For the moment, yes, but I hope it won't be an inconvenience for you to see Jane here in the future, you know, she being my best friend and all.""Very funny, Daria," her mother replied, smiling, but clearly not finding the comment exceedingly amusing. ", but the other one, the one that could foresee every implication of embarrassment and awkwardness and more importantly, the one that knew better than to entertain any fantastic hope of actually 'seeing him around in the future', was fully aware it was crucial to answer "No," or "I don't think so", or …"I don't know, will you be following Mystik Spiral around when they go on tour?

"Helen knew she had, once more, got acquainted with the thick concrete barrier her daughter put between them to hide her actual thoughts and emotions."Right," replied her mother, "I just wanted to tell you to weigh your options carefully.

You have to admit we haven't worked as hard as we could, and that maybe, if we'd put a little bit more effort, we might have gotten better results.""But-""Hold on," Daria interrupted Jane, "does this mean you're not going to play anymore? " Jane's terrified scream startled them both."No," Trent replied, "I'm not gonna stop playing, or leaving the band, or anything like that.""Great," Daria said, without thinking it too much. She blushed and hastily grumbled something containing the words 'good' and 'what you really want', though it was too hushed to be fully understood."We were getting too comfortable to make an effort," he added, after a few seconds, "and that stalled us more than anything else. "Daria pointed at a stretch of wall previously covered by the bed, where glittery letters spelled 'Wayward Whirlwind' in lurid green."Hey, is that my 'Shocking Green' paint tube on your night stand?

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