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I'm not saying this to disappoint you - I just want to tamper down any expectations of birds singing and mist swirling around as soon as you lock lips.

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It breaks the initial touch barrier and shows that you’re comfortable with being close to her.

When I started doing this, I noticed how much better it set the mood for the rest of the night.

If he doesn’t take the hint, but you’re sure he’s into you, go for broke. To a man, a kiss can seem like a kind of promise that opens the door to a physical relationship.

That can be a beautiful thing, if you have the maturity, wisdom and self-control to mete out the physical pleasures in small doses.

If it’s your first date with a guy you know well or have been flirting with for quite some time, the sexual tension is already poised to explode. If he’s a shy guy or just doesn’t know if it’s OK to make the move, give him the signals.

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