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As Detective Jane Rizzoli, she was Frost’s partner. Young, 29, was found dead in his Hollywood home by the police. “She told us Lee wasn’t with us anymore,” says Alexander.“But we didn’t know any other details.” Ten months later, Alexander, in a tan-and-white top, sits in the very office where she first heard the news.

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“We never wanted to do anything that made it seem like we were exploiting the real experience.” “We had to ride that line between human reality and drama,” says Alexander.

Actor who played the title role on The Famous Jett Jackson series on the Disney Channel.

In a moment of depression, he sat alone on a sofa and put a gun to his head.

Whatever his demons, he kept them at bay on “Rizzoli & Isles.” “That part of him was hidden,” says Jordan Bridges, who plays Frankie Rizzoli Jr. I thought maybe I had done something, for him to be acting so weird.” After the news of Young’s death, production was shut down, and everyone was sent home.

addressed the passing of Lee Thompson Young in the show's season 5 premiere on Tuesday, June 17.

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