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'Yes,' squeals Linda, now 53, in her sexy gravelly voice. ' The first thing that Kathryn did after being asked to direct The Hurt Locker was to show her ex-husband the script.

He urged her to go for it - although it's doubtful that he envisaged they would end up competing head to head for the same Oscars.

'I read Avatar while we were married and I said nothing.

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This movie is above and beyond.' Linda and Cameron first got to know each other on the set of the first two Terminator movies - she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborgfighting Sarah Connor.

Her toning and muscles brought her the title Body Of The Nineties, and her character became a byword for invincibility.

'It was a crazy time, too, because we clashed as I was prepared to stand up to him.

I'd say: "I'm never going to consider going back with you, plus I'm going to tell my friends all about you." 'Then when he got together with Suzy I changed my mind and he came back to me and we got married.

'It was a painful time because we'd had a relationship where I'd push him away, then he'd push me away.

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