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And don't give us that garbage, "You'd be surprised ..." Moakler: It depends on how I look.

When I'm all dressed up, no one comes up and hits on me at all.

Watch the video below to see highlights from her hangout with Kardashian's stepsister Kendall Jenner at amf AR's 22nd Cinema Against Aids Gala in France back in May.

The drummer (of Blink-182, Transplants, etc.) has survived a plane crash, the death of his good friend DJ AM, gang-related shootings, substance abuse, and two tumultuous marriages—one of which was documented in the reality series (2005–2006) during his marriage to model Shanna Moakler.

Shanna Moakler is a former Miss USA (1995), an actress (TV's "Pacific Blue" and movies such as "The Wedding Singer" and "Love Stinks") and the former girlfriend of The Golden Boy, Oscar de la Hoya, whom she is suing for $62.5 million (palimony). Moakler: Well, if I'm dressed down like I am now, they hit on me all the time. Sometimes when I'm in my car and I look horrible, they're like, "Hi." What am I going to do -- pull over and be like, "What's your number? Moakler: I was a competitive roller skater for 12 years. But there were never any problems where I thought we would leave each other. Moakler: I'm sitting in bed, watching the Latin Grammy awards, feeling hurt that he went without me. So in the big picture, I can understand where the poor kid's coming from, but the way he handled the situation with me and our kid was in poor taste and really kind of mean. Moakler: I definitely won't date any other major athletes.

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