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I contacted the archivist of the LHS and inquired if they had anything on Dorothy Dare, or the Van Dam family, but nothing was found in any of their sources.

Apparently there was an earlier 'Dorothy Dare, actress' who married a 'Van Dam' - how coincidental could it be that the 1930s 'Dorothy Dare' also married a 'Van Dam'?

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For some of the movie people with whom she claimed to be in recent contact, when asked for mailing addresses, she'd reply that the person had just died. Dare married musician and later Business Executive, John L. Dottie believed family was seperate from her public life and often would say, "Children need to be shielded from the harsh realities of public life and this includes the Hollywood spotlight! Dorothy's grandson Laird says, "My Grandmother referred to my Grandfather as the greatest love in her life." She would often say, "I never would have believed I would be so lucky in life.

Here is a supposedly recent photo of Dorothy Dare, posted on a You Tube video picturing Hollywood stars then-and-now (the video has since been removed by the person - Dare's "secretary" - who created it): Word was spreading that Ms. I married a beautiful man, I was blessed with delightful children and I have the most wonderful grandchildren! "This makes me so happy reading this statement from Laird and I must admit, it does make me both smile and cry at the same time. Sari states, "My Mother remained friends with many from her Hollywood days and shared many friendships with her fans." "She shared many interests in her life and especially enjoyed the "wonders" of the Internet and she loved her i-phone!

I know several people who did so, asking questions about her contemporaries such as whatever happened to them, what was it like to work with them, etc.

I wrote to her twice myself, the first time asking about an obscure actress named Frances Mc Coy. Dare's reply was that she didn't know Frances Mc Coy, but she did know the western actor Col. Apparently Frances Mc Coy was too obscure to admit knowing.

This puzzle was becoming more intriguing with every bit of information that was found.

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