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They also in the majority of cases demonstrate that neither the personal nor the cultural past is dead and that both can easily return.American literature during the postcolonial period accelerated in two directions: - the transcendentalism (Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman) they exposed to skepticism the Romantic faith in the individual ego or selfhood; - the Gothic tradition (Poe, Hawthorne) they addressed the shadows cast the past upon the present.American writers adapted the major themes of English Romanticism to their own cultural circumstances with astonishing success.

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Browns achievement, which would influence Gothic followers tremendously , was to resituate 'history' in a return of repressed whereby the present witnesses of terrible destinies incipient in the American past.

Gothic novels usually represent authors thoughts and rising doubts concerning the ability of individuals to govern themselves in a full-fledged democracy.

This bizarre and unaccountable story eventually caught the attention of The sins of the fathers (their excesses, their violence and predisposition towards the irrational) haunt their children, who, despite their illusions of liberty, find themselves in an ironic situation of a compulsion to repeat the past.

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